Soybean Meal (UA.07)

Reference results for Soybean meal CRM

Sample №

Moisture content,


Protein Content DM, %

Oil (fat) content DM, %

Urease activity, mgN/g/min at 30°С

ISO 6496

ISO 5983-1

ISO 6492

ISO 5506






Designation of the certified reference material: CRM.UA.07.XXX*

*XXX – number of the sample.

Sample Description: The CRM is a clean soybean meal, vacuum-packed in a double plastic bag.

Sample weight: (600 ± 20) g

Purpose: the certified reference material is designed to control the accuracy of measurement results, calibration, verification, calibration of measuring instruments, and control of metrological characteristics during testing.

All CRM samples are in stock and available for order. The minimum order is 1000$. For additional info and order please contact

CRM Certificate (Sample of wheat)

Sample of CRM certificate